About Zip Hers

Houston marathon Debbie Mercer


The Zip Hers Story

The idea behind Zip Hers began with a toilet. Not sitting on one, but thinking about them, and how to empower women! As a dedicated runner and Houston Marathon alumni, I know how desperate you can get during some race to get to one.

Imagine running the Houston Marathon, or the Chicago Marathon on a winter day. You’re have several layers of clothing over a pair of compression tights. Men can relieve themselves behind the portable toilets or use nearby trees, unzipping their pants easily and discreetly. Women on the other hand are stuck waiting in that line, anxiously glancing at their watches as precious minutes ticked by.

At any outdoor event we as women need a pair of quality athletic pants with an easy opening so we don’t have to expose our private parts when just trying to go to the bathroom! Empowering women. This is our goal.

Finding a solution to this dilemma became our challenge…and that’s how Zip Hers came to be.

Zip Hers fashions cater to all women –not just the professional or amateur outdoor athlete! We created a zipper design for any woman, who wants to feel ease with an added layer of protection when using the restroom outside their home. And look fantastic at the same time. Whether you are hiking, doing yoga, running, camping, biking, or just spending time outdoors, you can use Zip Hers! 

Our Mission

The mission of Zip Hers is to be in the homes of all women. We are a company led by women, working for women. Empowering women by putting them in the same “playing field” as men with clothing especially designed for their bottom half. You should be able to avoid wasting time  in a port-a-potty line, or not feel awkward and exposed when we decide to use nature’s resources. 

Our creator is female. The designer is female. Even our manufacturer is female led. Empowering women truly waves throughout our company.

That’s why there’s Zip Hers, the extended-wear athletic leg fashion, on the fly!


Made for women. Made for YOU.


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