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activewear tights creator Debbie Mercer


The Zip Hers Story

Zip Hers mission is to empower women by offering activewear tights and shorts that allows them freedom, flexibility, and confidence in all their outdoor endeavors. Our products encompass that mission. My name is Debbie Mercer, and I am the creator of Zip Hers.

As a hiker, I was inspired on my Grand Canyon Rim to Rim expedition. I realized the inconvenience for myself and other women to pee outdoors with no restroom in sight. I began to reflect on times when I would run marathons and would often feel frustrated seeing women wait in portable toilet lines. They were anxiously glancing at their watches as precious minutes ticked by. Men would just quickly go outdoors and get right back in the race.

These incidents fueled my passion to find a solution that empowers women to pee without the need to pull their pants down, just like in our activewear tights and shorts. After much research, trial and error, and input from other hikers and runners, I created a product that is not only functional but also comfortable and quite stylish.

I knew I needed to help with the solution once I realized the extent of this often embarrassing and inconvenient issue. With the development of Zip Hers, my dream has become a reality. Adventurous women from hikers, runners, climbers, campers, and those who simply find no restroom in sight, now have an empowering solution with Zip Hers.

Finding a solution to this dilemma became our challenge…and that’s how Zip Hers came to be.

Zip Hers activewear tights and shorts cater to all women –not just the professional or amateur outdoor athlete! We created a zipper design for any woman, who wants to feel ease when using the restroom outside. And look fantastic at the same time. Whether you are hiking, doing yoga, running, camping, biking, or just spending time outdoors, you can use Zip Hers! 

Our Mission

The mission of Zip Hers is to be in the homes of all women. We are a company led by women, working for women. Putting women in the same “playing field” as men with activewear tights and shorts specially designed for their bottom half. You can avoid wasting time in a port-a-potty line, or not feel exposed when we decide to use nature’s resources. 

Our creator is female. The designer is female. Our manufacturer is a female-run company. Empowering women truly waves throughout our company.

Made for women. Made for YOU.


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