Questions about Zip Hers products

Because Zip Hers is a fitted tight style of active wear, they will fit snuggly on your body! Yes, please refer to the sizing chart (you can find it here) for more specific sizing information.

The tights are made of 70% nylon and 30% spandex, giving you light compression. The inner panel is 94% polyester and 6% spandex, with a soft woven mesh lining.

Every zipper in Zip Hers active wear comes with a soft liner that covers it 100%, which means the the zipper NEVER touches your skin! You can be confident that you’re skin will be protected. In our hiking shorts along with this, there is also a fully built in set of underwear for added support and comfort!

Not difficult at all. Instead of the standard invisible pull, which might be difficult to grab, Zip Hers has a custom, light-weight round zipper pull that easy to grab when reaching to zip and unzip.

Loose-fitting athletic shorts are popular among women athletes, however, many women choose tights over shorts or even sweatpants during the colder months. But even in warmer weather, tights can protect your skin from the elements – specifically sun and wind.

Many women prefer to wear tights/short tights on their own or under other shorts to help prevent chafing!

Compression fabrics fit like a second skin, providing extra support and improved circulation. Running tights made from a compression fabric provide that support and circulation needed in the legs. The light compression in the Zip Hers tights hold muscles firmly in place and improves blood flow to muscles, thereby boosting athletic performance.

An important benefit of the Zip Hers design is that it allows a woman to quickly unzip her tights, relieve herself, and zip them back up.  We thoroughly tested different fastening techniques and zippers came out the clear winner. You don’t have to fumble with a Velcro fold-over that could bunch up and come loose or worry about a snap that doesn’t connect. Plus, the inner panel protects the zipper from ever touching your skin.

Absolutely. The zipper design and inner panel built into Zip Hers hold up to the rigors of hiking, camping, and climbing and other rugged activities.  The inner mesh panel extends from the front waistband all the way to the back waistband. It gives you the extra protection in the crotch and the comfortable feel of wearing underpants.  The zipper holds up even in the most challenging yoga pose.

The hiking shorts actually do have underpants built into them since the legs are loose and going without underwear might be undesirable.

Why would I want to wear a yoga pant with a zipper?

Yoga pants are becoming the “go to” style for casual wear, not only for practicing yoga. If a woman is participating in an outdoor activity, or just spending the day doing leisure activities, and she needs to use the restroom, she can unzip in a public restroom and her skin never touches the toilet seat and the pants never touch the floor. Zip Hers provides a sanitary and germ-free way of using public restrooms.

Zip Hers will be releasing other designs for women including shorts, slacks, jumpsuits – any item that a woman may need to make going to the restroom hassle-free with dignity and hygiene. Return to our website for updates and sign up for our Newsletter for more details.

Zip Hers fashions are currently made in the U.S.

Wash inside-out in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry on the low setting..

Zip Hers tights can be purchased on our website at this time. We are working with other distributors to make them available through popular shopping outlets online and in retail establishments.

Click the “Contact Us” button to email us to inquire about any available special deals on bulk orders. You can also check our Facebook page for discounts and special offers!

Questions about Zip Hers policies

The Zip Hers Pre-sale will be on until October 18, 2019! You can expect your Zip Hers within 3-4 weeks. If there will be any change, you will be notified!

You can find more detailed information about our terms and policies, as well as those from our commerce platform here.

When cancelling an order, please fill out a cancellation request (you can find this here) and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

When exchanging an order, please fill out an exchange request (you can find this here) and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

Yes! If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Zip Hers tights, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.