Congrats to All Chevron Houston Marathon Participants!

January 21, 2020

The 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon Expo

Zip Hers had a booth for the second year in a row!

We were so excited to represent Zip Hers at the Marathon Expo!

We had a wonderful time at the George R. Brown Convention Center, showing off our Zip Hers products to all the amazing runners and participants in the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon. At the start of it all, this is what Zip Hers was truly built for – female athletes. Specifically, female marathon runners. We were very excited to present everything from our lightweight compression shorts to our fashionable, marbled capris, to various lengths of our popular full-length tights.


Zip Hers founder and seasoned marathon runner, Debbie Mercer, was rocking Zip Hers gear and enthusiastically greeting everyone who stopped by the stand.

This was Zip Hers dream from the beginning! To empower female athletes, specifically marathon runners. We were humbled and excited to be representing Zip Hers for the second year in a row at the Chevron Houston Marathon Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center!


We had the opportunity to meet so many runners and could not be more proud of them, or more proud of our city for hosting such an important annual event. Meeting and greeting participants really made it clear that the Chevron Houston Marathon is truly a national event. People traveled from far and wide for the opportunity to participate in the race. While some were competing, others were there to accomplish a personal goal and prove to themselves that they CAN DO IT!



One thing we noticed at the expo was just how many women still don’t understand how Zip Hers works! We were there showing everyone who showed any interest. At many points, quite literally squatting down to demo! This is a product we’re incredibly proud of, and we’ll do just about anything to make sure women who can benefit from Zip Hers know what they are and how to use them.


To show our love and appreciation for Chevron Houston Marathon Runners, we are offered a special discount just for them! And now, we are extending this code to you! You can get 20% off all Zip Hers products with the code hcm20 at checkout.

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