Equal Endurance Capri


Skin hugging black capris with Zip Hers zipper design, gives comfortable compression!

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These lightweight capris made with high-quality soft fabric give you comfortable compression! The unique Zip Hers full-length seam to seam zipper is covered by a soft woven mesh lining. This is a new idea in women’s activewear. It opens from the front all the way to the back waistbands. This Zip Hers zipper design means that you can open the zipper COMPLETELY, and use the restroom outdoors without having to take them off and feel exposed. They will become your new favorite running capris. See how they can be the capris that change your life!

These capris are designed for you to get your run on, but can be worn for any athletic or outdoor activity, not just running!

The mid-high waist offers great coverage and can be running capris, yoga capris, or anything outdoors capris; contoured waistband offers tummy shaping; body wicking; offers you a full length (or crotch length) zipper that allows you dignity when needing to answer nature’s call when in the outdoors, or protect you from unclean public restrooms. These could become your favorite running capris! See how this idea came to be

Super stretch compression tricot with MaxiDri management + MicroBlok antimicrobial finish

  • 70% nylon + 30% spandex: compression Lycra
  • 85% nylon + 15% spandex: stretch mesh
  • 94% polyester + 6% spandex: woven mesh- inner crotch panel

The invisible zipper extends from front to back giving the impression of a seam; customized round zipper pull for easy reach; reinforced for comfort, a breathable and lightweight woven mesh of 94% polyester and 6% spandex covers the zipper with a inner crotch panel to keep your skin protected, perfect for your next pair of running capris

Machine washable; for best results wash inside-out in cold water; air dry or tumble dry on the low setting


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