Ziphers Winter Hiking Bundle - Fit & Leisure Elite Tights | Zip Hers Cold Guard Fleece Tights

$171.00 $190.00

Recommended use: hiking, climbing, walking, camping, yoga, traveling or for most any activity. 

The Fit & Leisure Elite Tights have new and improved high-quality fabric that offers the right amount of stretch and compression for most any activity, even casual wear or just lounging around.

The stronger zipper and zipper pull attachment makes zipping and unzipping quick and easy and worry free.

The leggings have side pockets deep enough for those items you want to quickly reach including your phone.

The Zip Hers Cold Guard Fleece Tights provide the perfect comfort, coziness and warmth in cold weather. Wear them as the first layer when the weather calls for layering your clothes or wear them as alone as leggings.  The snug fleece lining is so comfortable, you can even sleep in them!