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Running Blogs

have become increasingly popular as more and more people take it to the pavement for fitness, meditation, and accomplishment. At Zip Hers, we have a big history with running and marathons (in fact it’s how the idea came to be!) and we want to bring you more than just a product, but an experience. This starts, with our running blog.

Running blogs aren’t the only thing we do! This is a place where Zip Hers can bring you conversations, tips, and more about running, yoga, hiking, camping, and anything that takes you into the outdoors! Our blog is ever growing, so keep checking in as we bring you guides, stories, and more from the beautiful world we have out there.

Staying Active – Holding Yourself Accountable

Keeping Your Running Habit During COVID-19 Stay Safe - Run Outdoors Keeping up with your workout routine is crucial to staying healthy - mentally and physically. One of the best ways to get out there and stay safe is to run outdoors. Hit up your local running trails! But please make sure to stay extra …
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Happy International Women’s Month!

Be Powerful. Be Yourself. The Women Behind Zip Hers As a women owned and operated business, we are honored to celebrate International Women's Month! Zip Hers is the collaborated effort of experienced marathon runner Debbie Mercer and talented artistic textile designer Monica Guerra. These ladies are a driving force for equality in running and outdoor …
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Celebrating Ladies With Zip Hers!

EMPOWERING WOMEN MOTHER. ATHLETE. ACTIVE WOMAN. Zip Hers is all about women uplifting each other - and we are here to celebrate all women - of all ages - we love to see inter-generational women lifting each other up and staying active! Take a look at one of our amazing customers Maggie explain why she …
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Forming A Running Habit

FORMING A RUNNING HABIT January's almost over but it's never too late! Nobody ever said resolutions were easy, but they don't have to be as scary as you think! Set yourself realistic goals.DID YOU SLACK ON YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION? Zip Hers is here with some tips to get back on track with your running …
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Congrats to All Chevron Houston Marathon Participants!

The 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon Expo Zip Hers had a booth for the second year in a row! We were so excited to represent Zip Hers at the Marathon Expo! We had a wonderful time at the George R. Brown Convention Center, showing off our Zip Hers products to all the amazing runners and participants …
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Come into 2020 – With the Right Breath

How do you want to come into 2020? How about breathing well? We sometimes forget our breath, whether it is simply holding tension throughout the day, or not truly breathing while running. Those age old resolutions can sometimes feel overwhelming. Starting with a goal of learning how to breathe, or at least breathe better, can …
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Creating an empowered world of women…that’s what we aim to do. We would love to hear your stories of adventure and outdoors, and even BETTER if you got to use your Zip Hers at the same time! Send over your stories, or even just a topic that you would like to read about. Thank you for visiting our running blog!

Finding a solution to a dilemma became our challenge…and that’s how Zip Hers came to be.

Zip Hers fashions cater to all women –not just the professional or amateur outdoor athlete! We created a zipper design for any woman, who wants to feel ease with an added layer of protection when using the restroom outside their home. And look fantastic at the same time. Whether you are hiking, doing yoga, running, camping, biking, or just spending time outdoors, you can use Zip Hers!

Check back in for more from our great outdoors. And more from great women! We are Zip Hers, outdoors on the fly!

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