I LOVE my capris AND the shorts!!!! I decided to take both to Spain. Though they seemed to have a little different fit from each other, they both were game changers! I am taking them to Cabo as well. The shorts are great for my walks, and I wore them pretty much every day on the camino. I wore the capris in the evenings to go out for dinner. Obviously the zip function will not be necessary in Cabo. However, I found myself, at least once or twice every day or two needing to go off trail to take care of business. While my walking buddies were baring their bums I could easily squat. It was so much easier to squat with a pack on my back then having to pull up my pants with a pack on my back!"

— Diane

Diane on Camino de Santiago                Diane on Camino de Santiago 2

Thank you for the super fast delivery and for dealing with my request so speedily. I have received my size small now and really happy with the product. I will be back for more :)"

— Sophie

Just wanted you to know that I have used my new pants now a total of four times in runs totaling 9 hours. I am so ecstatic! They work perfectly as advertised. Thank you so much for this important part of my first trail ultramarathon race strategy. Also, if you ever develop a running skirt, I will definitely buy a couple."

— Megon

ZipHers are revolutionary and so simple. I used to dread having to pee in the wilderness because you have to search for a private place to be able to pull your pants completely down. Not only is that inconvenient, and exposing, it can be dangerous too with different types of plant life and poisonous bugs. ZipHers products give me comfort, confidence, and have brought back my excitement for the outdoors! I can’t wait for this brand to expand to many more styles, because I’ll buy all of them!!"

— Kaylea

Mountain climbing in Zip Hers

I AM LOVING MY FIT AND LEISURE TIGHTS! So liberating to stand up and pee. Whoever decided that women couldn’t have the same experience as men with their pants was wrong!   I LOVE my fleece pants. I’m outwalking in them right now and I’m toasty warm! So grateful."

— Nancy


Hi Debbie, the package arrived today and much to my amazement the trousers fit me perfectly and I absolutely love them! The leggings fit too, although more snugly, but now that I have them, I’ll be doing so many long hikes and I’ll burn off so many extra lockdown pounds that I’ll need a belt to keep them up.
    I’ve been waiting all my life for these kinds of trousers. Can’t believe it’s not standard design and women have to put up with trousers designed for men. The patriarchy is a hella drug. Thanks for smashing the patriarchy with your product and thanks a million for overcoming all of the Brexit obstacles to get these trousers to me - you’ve been brilliant. I’ll be telling all my friends!"

— Roisin

I have to tell you when anyone asks my favorite piece of gear, it’s definitely Zip Hers! Game changer for me! My 3” traveling shorts have now made it 250 miles!"

— Shana


I’m not sure which is more outstanding with Zip Hers, the pants or the customer service.  Both are amazing!  I live to kayak, and enjoy hours out on the water.  I also enjoy marathon and ultramarathon racing.  The problem is, there are rarely restrooms anywhere I am and if there are, there is no time to stop to use them.  There are easy solutions for men, but this is a constant battle for women.  Enter Zip Hers!  They are comfortable and fit well. Even for long distances where I’m paddling for 10-20 hours, they are comfortable and the zipper doesn’t rub.  They saved me nearly an hour in total time on my last race by eliminating the need to stop at busy checkpoints and wait in line for a dirty portapotty.  Truly game changing for me! I had a small issue in receiving my first pairs.  They went WAY above and beyond to be sure I got them before my race and then checked in to see how it went.  I was absolutely blown away by the care and concern I was shown and how hard they worked to be sure I was taken care of. I can not recommend Zip Hers enough!!  Phenomenal company with a wonderful product!"

— Brooke

Equal Endurance 5” shorts - Wow! What a great concept. The material is great. Very comfortable. And, that ZipHer is PERFECT!"

— Linda


All is good and your customer service is second to none. I just now ordered Fit and Leisure tights for Octavia  and a gift certificate for our daughter. We are escaping to Palm Desert this week and you will be happy to know the Fit and Leisure Tights have become Octavia’s absolute favorite  travel pants for absolute comfort and fit even after 7 knee surgeries. To laugh about the marble tights you gifted Octavia are her absolute favorites in no small part because she thinks they make her derrière look smaller." 

— John and Octavia

Fit & Leisure Tights - Happy to tell you the pants arrived here this morning. They fit perfect with a bit of room to spare. Nice and heavy ready for Autumn which feels it's not long away. Thanks for all your caring which was wonderful. Kindest wishes"

— Kathleen

I am a very satisfied customer and I think you have the best product and customer service on the planet! I wore my fleece pants to a soccer game last night and they kept me toasty warm and comfortable. I love them! And they are coming on a three day camping trip with me this next week. I may never take them off!"

— Nancy


I wore the leggings last week, for 5-6 hours, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. As a result, I recommended them to my women's group and sent everybody a link to your website. Several of them were interested in making purchases." 

— Debra

What an amazing experience, as a woman, to pee outside. No mess, nothing wet and I didn’t have to bare my “unbareables.” Simply unzip, pee and go."

— Kathy

Nancy wearing Zip Hers

It looks like Zip Hers are made for the active female to allow us to pee fast, safely, and without embarrassment on the go! This is a wonderful product that is needed! I know I will use them when I’m hiking, doing trail runs, or canoeing. Costa Rica looks beautiful! "

— Nancy


For a much more practical take on the sarong coverup idea, women-led company Zip Hers makes shorts and pants with a full-length front-to-back zip fly. It makes a ton of sense, when you think about it. Men get to use a fly… Why not women? It’s an innovative idea, yet once I thought about it I found it quite intuitive and wondered why it’s not more common. I had the opportunity to try a pair of Zip Hers shorts, and I can say they work as advertised. They’re comfortable, convenient, and well designed. You’ll still probably want to find a hidden spot to do your business, but they help reduce the anxiety of being spotted at the wrong moment. I think runners and climbers in particular would find them very convenient. Zip Hers generously gifted a pair of shorts for testing, but I received no compensation, all opinions are my own, and honestly I would have mentioned them anyway if I had found them sooner."

— Alissa from Exploring Wild

Thank You for the awesome customer service! I received the Endurance capris in Small yesterday and they fit great. I have a hiking and camping buddy who was interested in Zip Hers, so I let her try the size medium and they fit her so we won’t be returning either pair!! We have been hiking, camping and SUPing with the Tinkle Belle FUD for a couple of years and your product will give us even more freedom to live the “wild life” we love so much." 

— Sharon

Hiking in Fleece tights

Best customer service ANYWHERE!!   You folks are amazing.   Let me know if you need an A+++ blurb for your website or ad on Facebook."

— Darby

I got the opportunity to try out the Zip Hers full length Fit and Leisure Tights on a backpacking trip to Hill Country State Natural Area near San Antonio over Thanksgiving.  I was super excited to try out these leggings because, as a woman, having to go to the bathroom while backpacking or hiking can be super inconvenient and uncomfortable.  It takes time to find good privacy, if there is any, and if I’m by myself I feel exposed having to pull my pants down.  This trip I didn’t have to worry about that at all.  The front to back zipper made morning and mid-hike bathroom breaks efficient and low stress. The zipper and inner panel are made of high-quality material and can be open and closed with one hand. These leggings also hung with me all day:  they were comfortable enough to sleep in, durable enough to get through 8 miles of varying terrain, and flexible enough to move with a post hike stretch.  They even maintained their light and flexible feel despite the rain which, in my experience, has weighed other leggings down.  Overall, I was more confident in my ability to safely explore the trails and wasn’t slowed down by bathroom breaks throughout the day.  I’d recommend the Zip Hers line of pants, leggings, and shorts to any runners, hikers, or campers that are looking for more privacy and convenience while using the bathroom outside.  As a bonus, you’d be supporting a woman run company and production process!"

— Samantha

Hiking with Zip Hers

BUY THESE HIKING SHORTS. SERIOUSLY. I have pee freedom! Not only in the outdoors- but also if I have to use a gross bathroom. You can sit on your shorts instead of hovering over an icky toilet! But back to the shorts. The material is perfect for hiking. You can’t tell there is a zipper. I’m taking these on my 2021 thru-hike of the PCT. Debbie and Monica have the best customer service I’ve ever received. They helped me figure out my sizes and did all returns for free. They even sent me a cute little face mask as a thank you 🙂 LOVE this company! I look forward to seeing more products from them in the future! OH! I am 5′ 6” and 135 lbs. I got the Medium and they fit great! I think I could have gotten away with the small, but I tend to like my clothes a little big."

— Ashley

I love my Ziphers, I wear them every day, and the winter ones are just as wonderful as the summer ones.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through this pandemic without them!" 

— Janet from New York

Hiking in Alaska

I received the pants, and I love them! I could not feel any difference with the zipper on how it feels compared to regular pants.  I honestly thought they were going to be tight on me, but they fit just right. I normally wear a size 18 and from the description it sounded like these were more of a size 16. I figured that was good motivation for me to keep working on my weight loss. When I do loose more weight, these will end up being big on me. Sounds like a good problem to me. I am looking forward to trying these out this season along with the capri leggings I bought from you back in March. I love those too! I plan to do alot of camping, hiking, and kayaking here in Michigan." 

— Ann-Marie

I took the Fit & Leisure tights on a trip (flying a 2-seater plane for 6 hours) and they worked perfectly when I needed to use the little john, I am very glad I bought them =)"

— Erika

Rockclimbing in Zip Hers

An update on the 3” shorts: they're amazing! They're holding up really well so far! Yesterday marked 3 weeks on the Appalachian trail for me, so 3 weeks of wearing them all day every day. I found that after several days of wear it helps to pre-wash the mesh liner & zipper with some soap in the sink prior to laundering (they've only been washed twice so far, ha). I've also been careful to always sit on my foam pad to protect the fabric. I'll hopefully be able to give them a great long term review. I love them so far and I've talked to several other women who are interested in them. (I heard that one if my friends out here already ordered some and talked to you, that's great!)"

— Liz