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Active wear that you keep ON when you go to the restroom!

how Zip Hers active wear for women works

How it Works

Learn how Zip Hers active wear keeps you feeling comfortable and confident when you need to answer nature’s call

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Yup! Keep Them ON

when using the restroom

Our mission is to create active wear for women to put them in the same “playing field” as men. With athletic wear especially designed for their bottom half now Zip Hers can!

Imagine being able to comfortably, discreetly, and hygienically answer nature’s call outdoors. You can with Zip Hers hiking shorts, running shorts, workout pants and more! A full length zipper (that IS comfortable and keeps your skin protected!) is the newly revolutionary for active wear for women!

Zip Hers athletic wear is available now and ready to be on your holiday shopping list! Get some for yourself as well!

Active wear for women

with a specialized design

Active wear for women has long since been missing a solution for those outdoors who need to use the restroom when there isn’t a restroom around, or at least a clean one!

Zip Hers creates specialized active wear for women! A full length zipper (full length means from front to back) keeps you feeling comfortable and confident in the outdoors.

You unzip and zip up fully to allow yourself to use the restroom without ever taking your pants off. Get back on course, back to your activity, or back to the wilderness while feeling comfortable and confident.

Shop Zip Hers active wear for women today, the extended-wear athletic leg fashion, on the fly!

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of active wear for women

Imagine running the Chicago Marathon one cold winter day, dressed in several layers of clothing over a pair of compression tights, and a long line portable toilets.  The men could relieve themselves behind the portable toilet stations or use nearby trees, unzipping their pants easily and discreetly. The women on the other hand would be stuck waiting in that line, anxiously glancing at their watches as precious minutes ticked by…

This is why I created Zip Hers active wear for women. Let me tell you more of my story.