Company Name: Zip Hers 


Zip Hers mission is to enrich the lives of women athletes and outdoor adventurers by providing innovative solutions and a sisterhood of support.

Company Description:

Zip Hers activewear products are made for women who are passionate about being outdoors and trying new things. They provide ease and discretion for women who challenge themselves to be their best selves, whether they are exploring and discovering nature or in a competitive outdoor sport pushing for a personal best.

Year founded: 2019 

Location: Houston, Texas

Contact information:., (888) 849-9787

Product Overview

Our patent pending product line is unique and innovative in that it marries both fashion and function and is made with the highest quality fabric, creating the perfect union. We offer a multitude of styles that make hiking, camping, climbing, trail running and kayaking so much more accessible. We utilize sustainable processes, producing Zip Hers in Blue Sign Certified factories as well as working with companies that are Fairtrade certified. 

Product Descriptions

Our pants, shorts, leggings and capris are equipped with a zipper that opens from the front waistband to the back waistband so we can easily pee while keeping our pants pulled up. Women simply unzip, squat, pee and zip up! Store link:


“The idea of Zip Hers was the result of both my years of running marathons and my hiking excursions. For a runner, timing is VERY important. We often train to beat our previous personal best times. One hurdle that can hinder this goal is waiting in line for the outdoor portacan. While men can easily find numerous places to pee, women have to wait in long lines. Tick. Tick. Tick. Every moment feels like torture. This frustration had been on my mind for years, and then the lightbulb went off when I was hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim expedition! A female friend and hiker in the expedition experienced a moment of unintended self exposure as she tried to discreetly “use the restroom.” Her embarrassment and the continual jokes from some of the male hikers, fuelled my passion to find solutions for both of these related issues. As women, we shouldn’t have to be sidetracked from our goals and adventures. That is why I began the path of solving this issue. With years of work and determination, I miraculously found women who helped me create Zip Hers activewear. These amazing women all were and continue to be intricately involved in our brilliant Zip Hers team.”


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I love being outdoors whether it's running, walking, hiking, camping or any other activity that allows me to be in nature. I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges and have spent years working with disadvantaged individuals with disabilities. My greatest joy is spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren, and my beloved dog, Piper.




MONICA GUERRAI am a costume designer for professional ballet and am grateful to travel all over the world and work with many teams of people in creating this art form.

Working with ballet dancers for years, I have learned about how fit plays a huge part in empowering athletes. Making them feel secure and at ease through not having to think of what they are wearing is crucial, especially when full mobility is everything. I am also a Textile Artist, which means I not only have experience and skill with dyes, paints and technique... but it also means I know fabrics, their intended use, weights and their purpose. It is my experience and love for my profession that I contribute to Zip Hers. As the designer of this activewear, I ensure that fashion, comfort and quality are pillars of our products.



TAMMY NEAGLEI enjoy anything outdoors, visiting new places and raising money to help others in need.

I love educating women about how Zip Hers work whether it is at tradeshows, races, or other sporting events as well as assisting in marketing and development of our company. I am a people person and love meeting other women who are pushing themselves athletically to be the best they can be.



Nancy RoseI love the outdoors, traveling, exploring, meeting awesome people and helping others to live their best lives!

I have vast experience with operating businesses, marketing and visual storytelling. I am passionate about contributing my creative ideas and superpowers to bridge the gap between female outdoor adventurers to Zip Hers activewear. I believe that the time has FINALLY come for such empowering outdoor gear for women!



Although I love my job, I am a true advocate of the "work to live" lifestyle. And to me, living means traveling and making new friends around the world. From a young age, I've had an adventurous spirit and a wild heart, especially if that means getting outside and being active. There's always somewhere new to explore! 


With an extensive background in Marketing and Advertising, I'm proud to work for Zip Hers in developing a strong female brand and voice that is impossible to ignore. There's nothing better than being a woman and working with other women, for women...or as I like to call it, Beyonce energy! 


RYANN BLENNERHASSETTBecause I am passionate about impacting the environment in a positive way, I chose an educational path of Environmental Conservation. This path has resulted in spending most of my days outdoors. This is great for me because I love being outside, exploring nature and observing wildlife.

In addition, I love traveling, meeting and learning about people and trying new things!  The world is an amazing place!

Doing field work is awesome but usually means I don't have access to a private restroom. I encounter the issue of finding places to pee on a daily basis. I especially had a hard time when I was working in construction and dreaded using any of those nasty porta-potties. I think Zip Hers are a breakthrough in progress for women's activewear and I want to help get the word out to other women out there who spend time outdoors whether it is for work or pleasure.



“I can say ZipHers is now my favorite trail pant. Not only are they comfortable enough to spend hours hiking the many diverse landscapes the national parks have to offer, but I also love the feel of the fabric. The material isn't noisy like some of the other water-resistant fabrics are, although after soaking in the hot springs and walking in the waste-deep waters of the Rio Grande, they did have a slight swishing sound. But by the time we made it back to the car, my pants were almost dry, the swishing noise had subsided, and ready for another adventure. An additional feature of the pants I like is the side cargo pocket is large enough to hold my phone. And I can't get over the absolute ease and discretion at going potty on the trail. No more searching for that elusive secluded area so far off-trail. These pants are a game-changer in women's hiking apparel, and I recommend them highly. ZipHers is an outstanding company with an exceptional product."

  • Texas 

“ZipHers are revolutionary and so simple. I used to dread having to pee in the wilderness because you have to search for a private place to be able to pull your pants completely down. Not only is that inconvenient, and exposing, it can be dangerous too with different types of plant life and poisonous bugs. ZipHers products give me comfort, confidence, and have brought back my excitement for the outdoors! I can’t wait for this brand to expand to many more styles, because I’ll buy all of them!!"

  • Kaylea

“I have to tell you when anyone asks for my favorite piece of gear, it’s definitely Zip Hers! Game changer for me! My 3” traveling shorts have now made it 250 miles!"

  • Shana

“I’m not sure which is more outstanding with Zip Hers, the pants or the customer service.  Both are amazing!  I live to kayak, and enjoy hours out on the water.  I also enjoy marathon and ultramarathon racing.  The problem is, there are rarely restrooms anywhere I am and if there are, there is no time to stop to use them.  There are easy solutions for men, but this is a constant battle for women.  Enter Zip Hers!  They are comfortable and fit well. Even for long distances where I’m paddling for 10-20 hours, they are comfortable and the zipper doesn’t rub.  They saved me nearly an hour in total time on my last race by eliminating the need to stop at busy checkpoints and wait in line for a dirty portapotty.  Truly game changing for me! I had a small issue in receiving my first pairs.  They went WAY above and beyond to be sure I got them before my race and then checked in to see how it went.  I was absolutely blown away by the care and concern I was shown and how hard they worked to be sure I was taken care of. I can not recommend Zip Hers enough!!  Phenomenal company with a wonderful product!"

  • Brooke

I got the opportunity to try out the Zip Hers full length Fit and Leisure Tights on a backpacking trip to Hill Country State Natural Area near San Antonio over “Thanksgiving.  I was super excited to try out these leggings because, as a woman, having to go to the bathroom while backpacking or hiking can be super inconvenient and uncomfortable.  It takes time to find good privacy, if there is any, and if I’m by myself I feel exposed having to pull my pants down.  This trip I didn’t have to worry about that at all.  The front to back zipper made morning and mid-hike bathroom breaks efficient and low stress. The zipper and inner panel are made of high-quality material and can be open and closed with one hand. These leggings also hung with me all day:  they were comfortable enough to sleep in, durable enough to get through 8 miles of varying terrain, and flexible enough to move with a post hike stretch.  They even maintained their light and flexible feel despite the rain which, in my experience, has weighed other leggings down.  Overall, I was more confident in my ability to safely explore the trails and wasn’t slowed down by bathroom breaks throughout the day.  I’d recommend the Zip Hers line of pants, leggings, and shorts to any runners, hikers, or campers that are looking for more privacy and convenience while using the bathroom outside.  As a bonus, you’d be supporting a woman run company and production process!"

  • Samantha

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