Fit & Leisure Elite Adaptive Tights

Size Guide

Fit & Leisure Adaptive Tights - Thoughtfully designed to give wheelchair-dependent women the same comfort and convenience the Fit & Leisure Elite line offers but modified with special features to better serve those living with limited mobility. 

NOTE: For women who have full hand and finger mobility, the Zip Hers Fit & Leisure Elite line provides the same comfort, convenience, and benefits as the adaptive line.


  • The zipper pull is a round hollow ring, to allow for a woman to easily slip her finger or thumb through the pull to assist in zipping and unzipping the tights. 
  • To assist in pulling the tights up or down, an additional side panel sits on the side of the waistband so a woman's hand can slip through the panel to pull the tights up.   
  • The side pockets have been lowered so they do not interfere with the side of a wheelchair. 
  • Unzipping from the front of the waistband to the back of the waistband allows a full opening, large enough to allow a woman or her care giver the ability to administer a catheter privately and with utmost ease without pulling down her pants.  
  • The zipper and zipper pull are specifically manufactured for durability and strength.
  • The moisture-wicking inner panel mesh provides a comfortable shield while sitting long hours between the zipper and a woman’s skin.

Fit & Leisure Elite Adaptive Tights


  • 80% NYLON / 20% SPANDEX, 5.6 OUNCE



  • INSEAM 27”


    Machine washable; for best results wash inside-out in cold water; air dry.