UNZIPPED! featuring Maggie Lentz by ZIPHERS
What is your passion?
This is a hard one to answer. I would say my true passion is to have adventure in my life. From there, and thanks to my lucky stars, privileges that have become passions have been to serve others, to empower, teach, educate, motivate people. It’s the end all be all. And so for that, I take care of myself so I can serve others.  

What would you choose as your superpower?
I would have the ability to fly because I cannot tell you how much I love traveling, and in order for me to get there I have to fly. If it doesn’t cost me anything and gets me everywhere I want to go, that would be phenomenal!  

What makes you proud to be a woman?
Oh wow. We are built for enduring really massive amounts of pain and we are in charge of making the world go round. We really are the edge of everything that happens. We do things men can’t do. For some is being mothers (in every shape, form or fashion) even to those babies we are not related to, for others is creating tiny humans inside of our wombs and feeling their every beat. Women are caretakers by nature, and nurturing our families and communities deep down to the core is what we do best. I feel the world turns on our edge & men are wonderful sidekicks. To have this honor and responsibility is immense, I love being a woman for that. Give credit where credit is due. Women need to continue evolving into shining a light onto other women rather than shying away from it, we need to develop our own paths, embracing our own faults and virtues to become fearlessly who we really are, and to stop carrying around this sort of generational society-driven guilt to do more constantly, because we ARE ENOUGH as we came into this world. Our worth is not what we do, is who we are.

How did you fall in love with adventure and the outdoors?
I grew up like that. The fact that my family has always been the outdoor type, camping, jeeping and traveling...I am drawn especially to the things my dad was interested in. I was daddy’s little girl. I always found myself belonging in things that were physically challenging. I’m really good at physically challenging activities, such as endurance running. It’s also something my husband John truly loves about me. Every time we go camping with boys, my husband says,  “I don't think twice about giving you advice, because you don’t need it. Things just get put together and set up.” Physicality is where I belong, it’s my happy place. Nature is my church. 

How did you find Zip Hers and why do you love them? 
I found Zip Hers years ago when it was just an idea from the founder, Debbie. A little later down the line she gave me a prototype pair and man, they were so helpful. As a marathoner and ultra-marathoner, specifically for ultra-marathoning, they’re like having a good pair of shoes or a good running belt, they are a must have. The last ultra I did was during the big Texas freeze last year and the last thing I wanted to do was pull my pants down. I pinned my bib to the pants so I never had to worry to change it or move it, it also it didn't matter if I took off layers or put some more on. My Zip Hers could not have been more helpful and awesome in that moment. I’ll never run another cold ultra without them ever again. I since then have been on many adventures with my Zip Hers, and my last Iceland Glacier Hike happened successfully because of my favorite pair of fleeced lined Zip Hers!

What one piece of advice would you give your Zip Hers sisters? 
My one piece of advice would be to make sure you buy a fitted pair, your correct size, and make sure it sits close to your “area”. I personally use an anti-chafe lubricant when I wear my Zip Hers to avoid any rubbing and it’s the perfect combination, never having any problems. 

What are three things you can't live without? 
Having something to wake up for, pure unadulterated nature hikes or runs & faith / spirituality to lean on.

What's the most exciting and adventurous thing you've done to date? 
The most exciting and adventurous thing I’ve done to date is climb a glacier and then hike under it. This was in Southern Iceland not too long ago and there were natural rivers running through it. I was drinking thousand-year-old water straight from the glacier. It was absolutely incredible and highly recommended that everyone adds that to their adventure list. 

And last but not least...what's your FAVORITE Thanksgiving dish? 
Another tough one but I’d have to say monkey bread, because I make it so I pour my heart onto this dish. It’s so simple & the entire family picks at it throughout the day. It's a people pleaser for sure and a big hit every single year! 
December 07, 2021 — Debbie Mercer

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