How to Pee in the Woods with Ease from ZIPHERS

It's a fact that it's harder for women to pee when hiking in the woods, running marathons, mountain biking or just going for a neighborhood walk. Debbie Mercer created Zip Hers to empower all women to have more comfort and privacy while peeing by creating a pant that's designed for women in the outdoors. Having the ability to unzip from belly button to lower back makes peeing easier for all women. She talks about the journey to bring the product to market and how we need to consistently listen to women's needs in order to create the right gear. These pants are built for women on the go who need to go.

Debbier Mercer is the owner of USA FIT, national marathon training org; founder of Zip Hers athletic pants with a unique zipper design that allows a woman to "answer the call of nature" outdoors without pulling down her pants. Convenient, discreet, comfortable and empowering for all women.


May 07, 2021 — Debbie Mercer

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