Sustainable Hiking from ZIPHERS
There are several ways to be sustainable while hiking. We've included some of our favorite products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and leave you feeling good while you're out there exploring the world!

BIODEGRADABLE TOILETRIES - Conventional toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap contain harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. Biodegradable toiletries made from natural ingredients like tea tree oil or lavender oil are a sustainable option for hiking.

You can get biodegradable and reusable TP on our Accessories page here!!!

Ziphers TP Accessories

ECO-FRIENDLY WATER BOTTLES - Instead of using disposable plastic water bottles, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle made from sustainable materials like stainless steel, glass, or bamboo.

Hydro Flask makes pro-grade sustainable stainless steel insulated water bottles that are durable and BPA-free. They're double insulated with TempShield to stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. They even make lightweight versions for hiking!

The [Trail Series] eco-friendly sports water bottles are 25% lighter than their other bottles, have a perforated flex strap, and fit most backcountry water filters.

Ziphers Hrdro Flask

BIODEGRADABLE SUNSCREEN - Conventional sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that can harm the environment, especially aquatic life. Biodegradable sunscreens made from natural ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are a sustainable alternative.

Carribean Sol is a natural, suncare product safe for our marine ecosystem and our skin.

ECO-FRIENDLY BACKPACKS - Many backpacks are made from synthetic materials and often end up in landfills after use. Eco-friendly backpacks made from recycled materials or sustainable materials like hemp or cork are more environmentally friendly.

SOLAR-POWERED CHARGERS - Instead of relying on traditional batteries, consider using a solar-powered charger to keep your electronic devices charged while hiking. These chargers use solar energy to generate electricity and are more sustainable.

Goal Zero Nomad 10 is a lightweight solar panel charger perfect for traveling and backpacking. The integrated USB ports are perfect for phones, headlamps, cameras, and GPS devices. Made of rugged and durable materials, it has an adjustable kickstand for added stability.

Are you packing on a budget? Check out our video HERE on how to pack your TP, stay environmentally conscious, and be resourceful!

Ziphers how to pack your TP
March 29, 2023 — Debbie Mercer

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