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Let's face the facts, women may encounter some unique challenges while hiking that men may not necessarily [have to] encounter. While we can't avoid the gender-defining obstacles women are up against while adventuring outdoors, we can be aware of them and be fully prepared to take them on as safely as possible. Can you imagine a man having to deal with menstrual cramps while summiting? HA!

HYDRATION & USING THE RESTROOM - Access to clean and safe restroom facilities can be limited on hiking trails, and women may need to plan accordingly for managing their hygiene needs. More importantly, a lot of women refrain from drinking the recommended amount of water for fear of having to pee while hiking the trail. This can lead to dehydration or much worse, the forever-hated UTI.

This is where we come in!


Every pair of Zip Hers shorts, capris, tights, and pants has a zipper that unzips from the front waistband all the way to the back waistband so that you can pee safely and comfortably without having to pull your pants down. It's nice to have options, just like men do.

We also recommend packing biodegradable toilet paper or a Kula Cloth, an antimicrobial reusable absorbent pee cloth. Check out our favorite toilet accessories linked here.


MENSTRUATION - For women who menstruate, hiking while on their period can be challenging, as they need to manage hygiene and comfort. Properly disposing of menstrual products can also be a concern in some areas.

If you're worried you might start your period while hiking, bring some zip-lock bags to hold your used sanitary products until you can dispose of them properly after you've finished hiking. Whatever you do, please do not throw any waste products on the trail.

Can you imagine someone doing that in your house? Let's hope not!

CLOTHING - Women's clothing options for hiking may be more limited and often designed differently from men's. Finding comfortable and appropriate clothing that fits well can be a challenge. This is where we come in...again!

Stop looking at the men's clothing and sizing conversions. Our products are thoughtfully designed with the outdoor woman in mind. They are the perfect combination of fashion and function. All of our items can and will withstand any weather element and outdoor adventure.


Not only will you feel comfortable but you'll feel pretty cute too!

SAFETY CONCERNS - Unfortunately, women are at higher risk of harassment and assault while hiking alone or in remote areas. Nowadays, it doesn't even matter if you are with a group of friends. It's the unfortunate truth we live in today.

It's more important than ever for women to be aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions to stay safe. Always be sure to let people know where you're going and when you plan on returning. Share your location with friends and family on your phone...don't worry, you can turn it off whenever you want. 

If you'd feel safer, there are plenty of self-defense products on the market specifically designed with women in mind. Always be kind to others but never let your kindness be taken for granted. 

CARRYING GEAR - Women may have to deal with carrying gear that is designed to fit male body shapes and sizes, which can make it less comfortable to carry. Do some research and figure out what gear works best for your body and your intended adventure. 

We recommend going into a store to try out different options. Better to figure it out before you are mid-hike with no Uber in sight!

Overall, while many of the challenges women face while hiking are similar to those faced by men, there are some unique considerations that women should keep in mind. It's important to plan and prepare accordingly and to take safety precautions while on the trail. While we are strong women and we can do anything we put our minds to, we must always be prepared for life's hurdles. Now get out there and show 'em who's boss!

April 11, 2023 — Debbie Mercer

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