ZIPHERS - Top Tips For Planning A Worldwide Hiking Trip

ChiChi, our good friend and Zip Hers Sister is the inspiration for this blog, where we list out the top tips for planning a worldwide hiking trip. It might sound crazy but we like a little crazy over here at Zip Hers HQ! 

The traveling queen wore her Zip Hers for so much of her travels that her pants started getting stamped by the TSA passport agents! Not really, but that’d be pretty amazing wouldn’t it?

With the right planning, researching, and pair of Zip Hers…you too can live the real-life “Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants” adventure!

ChiChi: “I’m back from Africa and I’m so glad I wore your leggings!  My flight to Tanzania got delayed and my flights ended up taking 3 days AND my luggage didn’t make it to Kilimanjaro. I was wearing  my ziphers on my flight out of Houston and ended up wearing them for 5 days! I also wore them 4 days of my 7-day trek on Kilimanjaro. Here are some photos from the trip!”

Ziphers - Top Tips For Planning A Worldwide Hiking Trip


RESEARCH DESTINATION OPTIONS: Start by researching different hiking destinations around the world. Consider factors such as climate, difficulty level, natural beauty, and local regulations.

PLAN YOUR ITINERARY: Once you have chosen your destination, plan your itinerary by selecting specific trails and attractions you want to visit. Consider the duration of your trip, transportation options, and accommodation along the way.

CHECK LOCAL REGULATIONS AND PERMITS: Some hiking trails and national parks may require permits or have specific regulations. Make sure to check these in advance and obtain any necessary permits or passes.

PACK APPROPRIATELY: Depending on the destination and terrain, pack suitable hiking gear including comfortable and sturdy shoes, clothing suitable for different weather conditions, navigation tools, first aid essentials, and camping equipment if needed.

STAY INFORMED ABOUT SAFETY: Prioritize your safety by checking weather conditions, trail conditions, and any potential risks or hazards of the area you plan to hike. It's also a good idea to inform someone about your itinerary and expected return date.

ChiChi: “I don’t know how I traveled without Ziphers before. They came with me on last 5 months of hikes all over the world!”

Ziphers - Top Tips For Planning A Worldwide Hiking Trip


PREPARE PHYSICALLY: Hiking can be physically demanding, so it's important to be in good physical shape. Start training and conditioning your body well in advance to build stamina and strength.

RESPECT NATURE AND LOCAL CULTURE: When hiking worldwide, always respect the environment, wildlife, and local cultures. Leave no trace behind, follow established trails, and be mindful of local customs and rules.

STAY HYDRATED AND NOURISHED: During long hikes, staying hydrated and properly nourished is crucial. Carry enough water and pack lightweight, nutritious snacks to keep your energy levels up.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers hiking-related activities, as it can provide financial protection in case of accidents or emergencies.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY: Finally, remember to enjoy the journey and embrace the beauty and experiences that come with hiking worldwide. Take your time, appreciate the scenery, and create lasting memories.

ChiChi: “I really loved them on the Guadalupe Mountains!”

Ziphers - Top Tips For Planning A Worldwide Hiking Trip


There are several ways you can find information about hiking trails and attractions in different destinations around the world to help you figure out where and what’s best for you:

ONLINE RESOURCES: Use websites and online platforms dedicated to hiking and travel, such as AllTrails, Hiking Project, or TripAdvisor. These websites provide detailed information about hiking trails, reviews from other hikers, difficulty levels, and attractions along the way.

GUIDEBOOKS: Purchase or borrow guidebooks specific to the region or country you are interested in. Guidebooks often contain detailed maps, trail descriptions, and recommendations for attractions in the area.

LOCAL TOURISM BOARDS: Visit the official websites or contact the tourism boards of the destinations you're interested in. They usually provide information about hiking trails, attractions, safety precautions, and any permits or regulations you need to be aware of.

HIKING AND OUTDOOR COMMUNITIES: Join online forums, social media groups, or local hiking clubs. These communities are a great source of firsthand information and personal recommendations from experienced hikers who have explored various destinations around the world.

BLOGS AND TRAVEL WEBSITES: Explore travel blogs and websites that focus on hiking adventures and outdoor activities. Bloggers often share their personal experiences, tips, and recommendations for hiking trails and attractions they've visited.

ZIPHERS - Top Tips For Planning A Worldwide Hiking Trip


Remember to check if there are any local rules and regulations, permits, or safety guidelines before embarking on your hiking adventure. It's also a good idea to consult with experienced hikers or locals who know the area well for additional insights and advice.

Watch out world, the Zip Hers Sisters are coming for ya!

September 01, 2023 — Debbie Mercer

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