Zip Hers activewear - Winter Hiking Tips
Hitting the trails during the cooler months might sound like something only crazy ladies would do and you're not wrong, because if you're like us, we're crazy about hiking all year long! Winter hiking is different from other seasons because it's...cold. The benefits of trekking through the chilly temps are the trails are less crowded, it's really good exercise, and it tends to be a more peaceful and serene experience. As magical as winter hiking can be, it requires a lot of preparation to be just as safe as you are ready for fun. Here are a few of our important tips to tackle the tundra.

Not only is it safe but it's fun to hike with someone who also loves Mother Nature and all of her snowy special offerings. This is definitely one of those strengths in numbers situations. We know you're an independent woman who can tackle a trail on her own, but to be safe, invite another experienced trail sister along for the ride. In case of any sign of trouble, whether it be a change in weather, a feisty furry forest friend, or a physical injury, having a buddy increases the likelihood of safety in an unexpected and potentially dangerous situation. While you're at it, let another loved one know when and where you're hiking.

Fun fact: if you have an iPhone, there's a "Find My iPhone" feature that lets you share your location with contacts of your choosing. Don't worry, you can turn it off when you get back...can't let anyone know where you really are when you say you're at the grocery store! 

It is muy importante to check the weather forecast and daylight hours before you head out on any hike, especially a winter one. The weather can be one saucy minx when she wants to be and turn for the worse before you can say igloo. To be safe, double-check the forecast the morning of your adventure right before you head out. It's good to keep checking throughout the day if you can, to ensure no sneaky snow surprises are coming your way. Make sure you know sunrise and sunset and plan your trek accordingly. 


Like any good investment, purchasing good hiking gear can get pricey but it's also highly rewarding. There is nothing worse than having to hike in heavy, wet, or uncomfortable clothing. Not only is it annoying, but it can lead to more serious health-related situations like hypothermia or frostbite. When it comes to your gear, don't get something because it will look cute for your Instagram post, get the product(s) that will help you avoid a soggy sock or a windburned face. It's best if you layer up, making it easy to add or remove layers depending on your weather forecast for the day. Our Cold-Guard Fleece-Lined Tights are perfect for your mid-layer. For your shell or top layer, we recommend a jacket that'll protect you from the elements, such as wind or rain. A smart base layer would be anything moisture-wicking. And don't forget your mittens, moisture-wicking hat, and neck gaiter! 

These are just a few of the important tidbits we recommend to ensure you have the best trip out in the cold! Check out Section Hiker for a more detailed list of winter hiking tips and tricks. 
December 02, 2022 — Debbie Mercer

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