Theresa has her name for a reason, she's a saint. Her life's work is a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged women develop self-confidence and life skills through fitness and nutrition. She helps them train for the ultimate race - the race for a better life. And we are so blessed to know her and to love her.
UNZIPPED! Featuring Sydney Burgoyne

UNZIPPED! Featuring Sydney Burgoyne

What is your passion? My passion is the all encompassing travel lifestyle. What I mean by that is immersing myself in other cultures, making lifelong friends across the world and sharing stories, trying new food and sipping new wine.


What is your passion? My passion is travel.  I don't mean like I enjoy going to the hill country for the weekend, I mean I love a long flight that will have opportunities for exploration and adventure.
Unzipped! Featuring Texas Wadsworth by ZIPHERS

Unzipped! Featuring Texas Wadsworth

Texas is a free spirit who understands life's greatest pleasures are most often outside rather than indoors. She's a big advocate of us and we're equally in awe of her. You can most likely find her on a trail somewhere, doing what she loves with the people she loves.
Unzipped! Featuring Pam LeBlanc by ZIPHERS

Unzipped! Featuring Pam LeBlanc

Pam LeBlanc is a yes woman who loves to push the envelope when it comes to an outdoor adventure... and that's why we love her!
UNZIPPED! featuring Maggie Lentz by ZIPHERS

UNZIPPED! featuring Maggie Lentz

What is your passion?
This is a hard one to answer. I would say my true passion is to have adventure in my life. From there, and thanks to my lucky stars, privileges that have become passions have been to serve others, to empower, teach, educate, motivate people. It’s the end all be all. And so for that, I take care of myself so I can serve others. 
UNZIPPED! featuring Octavia Parker by ZIPHERS

UNZIPPED! featuring Octavia Parker

In our plight to make all adventures more accessible to women, we meet a lot of amazing women with incredible journeys along the way. Each month, we will interview one of these women who inspire us and hopefully, you will love their stories as much as we do!
Ziphers with Cathy Seitchik Diaz

UNZIPPED! featuring Cathy Seitchik Diaz

One of our most loyal customers: Cathy Seitchik Diaz is our first Zip Her Sister that we will feature in our new monthly newsletter and blog.
Staying Active - Holding Yourself Accountable during COVID-19

Staying Active - Holding Yourself Accountable during COVID-19

We know that social distancing can be hard, especially if you’re used to working out in a gym or running in groups. But don’t let this throw a wrench in your training!
Come into 2020 – With the Right Breath from ZIPHERS

Come into 2020 – With the Right Breath

Starting with a goal of learning how to breathe, or at least breathe better, can transform your runs, your training, and your life.