What is your passion? My passion is travel.  I don't mean like I enjoy going to the hill country for the weekend, I mean I love a long flight that will have opportunities for exploration and adventure.

What would be your superpower? My superpower would be to eat delicious food, but never gain weight or have health issues.

What makes you proud to be a woman? I am a proud woman because the first 18 years of my life were incredibly challenging and through it all I became successful in my career in radio and now as a teacher, I have a wonderful group of friends, and I have been an active and supportive single mom for many years.

What made you fall in love with adventure and the outdoors? I have always played sports and loved being outside.  I think it's in my DNA.  I like to feel invigorated and I love an adrenaline rush.  The outdoors soothes my very soul.

Why do you love Zip Hers? Zip Hers are perfect for me because of my need to be outdoors and I always have to use the restroom. One bottle of water, three times a day, I will have to go. Zip Her's provides me with a way to go, stay protected and be comfortable.

What one piece of advice would you give your Zip Hers Sisters? My advice is to be open minded to Zip Hers! They are so well made and can be useful to have on in many situations.

What is the most exciting/adventurous thing you have ever done? I have done quite a few adventurous things. I have hiked ten miles through mountains just to bungee jump off a mountain. I have skied the Austrian Alps. Anything that requires a passport, count me in! 

If you could walk and talk with 3 women, who would they be? I would walk and talk to my daughter, my best friend Debbie and Amelia Earhart.

What is your favorite time of the day? I love sunset time! 

What are 3 words that describe you? Strong, free spirited and loyal. 

Who's an artist on your adventure playlist? Music I listen to when I am on adventure would be from someone like George Clinton from Parliament.

What's your go-to snack? I love cheese and salami.

What's your most used emoji? The wink face emoji. ;)
March 31, 2022 — Debbie Mercer

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