Women On The Trail from ZIPHERS

Women On The Trail

Let's face the facts, women may encounter some unique challenges while hiking that men may not necessarily [have to] encounter.
Sustainable Hiking from ZIPHERS

Sustainable Hiking

There are several ways to be sustainable while hiking. We've included some of our favorite products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and leave you feeling good while you're out there exploring the world!
Zip Hers activewear - Winter Hiking Tips

Winter Hiking Tips

Hitting the trails during the cooler months might sound like something only crazy ladies would do and you're not wrong, because if you're like us, we're crazy about hiking all year long! Winter hiking is different from other seasons because it's...cold
Trail Manners 101 from ZIPHERS

Trail Manners 101

Pardonne-moi, could you be a gem and pass the TP and sunscreen, please? Imagine us with our pinkies up speaking in a proper English accent. Just like there are rules to the road, there is an etiquette to hiking trails, darlings. Okay but really, it might seem like common sense to have manners out on the trails, but it doesn't hurt to go over the common courtesies. We're all outside for the same reason, we love adventure...
Spring Into Adventure...Safely! from ZIPHERS

Spring Into Adventure...Safely!

There's a new season in town and her name is Springtime! She brings a new energy that can best be described as rebirth. As the snow melts, flowers start to bloom and wind chimes sing a playful tune, we feel the Earth's vibration...


What is your passion? My passion is travel.  I don't mean like I enjoy going to the hill country for the weekend, I mean I love a long flight that will have opportunities for exploration and adventure.
How to Pee in the Woods with Ease from ZIPHERS

How to Pee in the Woods with Ease

It's a fact that it's harder for women to pee when hiking in the woods, running marathons, mountain biking or just going for a neighborhood walk. Debbie Mercer created Zip Hers to empower all women to have more comfort and privacy...
Zip Hers Feature – Exploring Wild

Zip Hers Feature – Exploring Wild

We were so honored to have our products be featured in an amazing blog from Exploring Wild. Alissa, who notes herself as your virtual guide, has explored and conquered an impressive amount of challenging and beautiful locations around the world...